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Tour Review with Giveaway of Echoes in the Glass by Cheri Lasota




 Echoes in the Glass by Cheri Lasota

Release date: December 20113

Publisher: Ever-Sea Press

Age Group: Young Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tour organized by: AToMR Tours

Book Description:

Finnian bears the scar of an unspeakable crime.

McKenna hides the pain of a terrible betrayal.

When all their secrets are laid bare, will the truth rip them apart or forever silence the echoes of the past? Seventeen-year-old Finnian Bell has been on the run for years, but he finally has a chance to rebuild his life while restoring an abandoned lighthouse on the Oregon Coast. McKenna Lucas, the lightkeeper’s daughter, is still reeling from the pain of an event that has shattered her innocence. Fear and bitterness have turned her heart from Finnian, but he is determined not to let her go. The lighthouse harbors dark secrets of its own… When Finnian and McKenna uncover the story of two teens hidden in the tower back in 1934, they discover a shocking connection that bridges time and death.



About the Author

Cheri Lasota

Cheri Lasota has written poetry and fiction for sixteen years, edited fiction for nine years and recently jumped headlong into design work for enhanced e-books. She has a great love for all things techy, so she finds herself pushing the boundaries of e-book marketing and design at every turn. Her passion for fiction and helping other novelists achieve their goals is without limits.

Her bestselling debut novel, ARTEMIS RISING, is a 2013 Cygnus Awards First Place Winner and a 2012 finalist in the Next Generation Indie Books Awards. Cheri just released her how-to e-book DESIGN AND UPLOAD YOUR EPUB and is currently finishing up her second YA novel, ECHOES IN THE GLASS, set on the Oregon Coast.

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Today ends the cycle of reviews in the blog for the year 2013 with a beautiful, magical and paranormal book: Echoes in the Glass by Cherry Lasota.

Contemporary, romantic, paranormal, full of mysteries and two couples united by the same light, Cape Sorrow Lighthouse. Which for me was a big surprise as was weaving delicately both history, one in the present and one in 1935.

I must say that this book is one of those who wanted to read. Your synopsis attracted me. Its cover is a nice window to content ahead.
And that content was something that really did not expect. It is very smooth, natural. I was very pleased to read the story of Finnian and Tiria.

With the history of Carina and Morgan in the book, I fell in love. Although in a few moments have that feeling of sadness, I could not stop reading it.

So you have a nice variety of characters to be your favorite, and what I'm particularly divided. I loved everyone equally. Sometimes one more than another. And if I had to choose it would be Morgan.

With writing I had no problem, on the contrary, she takes you by the hand . It's our own lighthouse illuminating our time reading this book.

If you have the opportunity to read the book, do so. It is one of those books you can not miss.

I'm glad that this book has been the last review to this year. It was a nice way to end this 2013. You have part of my genres I like. Enjoy your content and it was a nice reward for the end of year I congratulate the author for this work.

My stars review:5/5


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  1. Thank you so much for reading, Alice! It's an honor to be featured on your blog and I'm so thrilled you enjoyed Echoes!