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Monday Tour Review of Clan of Realm Lovejoy

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by Realm Lovejoy

Release Date: 11/12/13

Kirkus Reviews

"In this fast-paced novel, Lovejoy uses economical prose while developing the story’s characters and setting in detail. She also meets the challenge of creating memorable characters in a world of identical people..." (Read more here!)

Summary from Goodreads:


Clans are Unity.

No variation. No deviation.

On Clades, to be a Clan is to be an exact copy.

A perfect society cloning themselves to survive, even as the zombielike Frags threaten to overrun them on an unforgiving planet.

Clan 1672 (privately known as Twain) was never supposed to survive the Incubation Tank.

But he did. Illegally.

He is different from the other Clans.

A secret that could destroy him.



 EBook i s not illustrated  and the paperback is illustrated

Book Trailer 

Illustration samples:


 I received a ebook copy, in exchange for an honest review.

clan movie poster

This is one of those books that come to my hands unexpectedly a sci-fi distopya and a simple summary. I knew little of what to expect, the words cloned society is perhaps the starting point to focus your attention to this book.

How the author would do to develop a society in which all individuals are clones and the story will keep it to the expectation? The name for this answer: Clan 672 aka Twain.

Twain, the imperfect clone in a "perfect world", the quotes are because as advancements in reading you will notice that, although with clones, society is imperfect. And just a little spark call for individuality Tawain will be questioned within a set of social norms.

These rules and Twain will take you to the core of the creation of this society, which will take you to the sights and unimaginable situations. Managing to a good story until end.

The secondary characters? Even if it is a cloned society you bring some surprises with secondary characters, another extra point, very well done. Fluidly connected with the main character. Making the impossible possible within the story.It has very modern elements, and is clear about the type of genre that is written

The book intrigued me, made ​​me want to know more about this society, is very well developed. Questioning  at the same time  intriguing, response giving unexpected turns, with a rhythm in a quiet beginning and ending with a great taste,  it is these small and simple covers with a synthesis  small but inside with a great story waiting to be read.

I want to clarify that I received a copy in ebook format, apparently in paperback format has graphics on it, you can see some viewed as the beginning of this post on the website, if they have the opportunity to acquire it, do it!

It is a huge bonus, well worth worth it.

My stars : 4.5

The Author

realm lovejoy

Realm Lovejoy is a writer and an artist. She was raised in Washington State and the alps of Nagano, Japan. Her father is a Japanese ex-monk and her mother an English teacher from Rhode Island. Her art is influenced by both the East and the West.

Realm aspires to tell stories through her writing and art. She is agented by Jessica Regel. Her upcoming YA sci-fi novel is titled CLAN, due 2013.





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