martes, 31 de diciembre de 2013

Top...ok, no. Better: Thank you for everything!! Happy 2014!


Hello Everyone!

First of all , Merry Christmas past, I know, I owed  of your ​​.

But my internet failure and takes a while to return.

But better late than never : Merry Christmas !

Now yeah , why  that title ? ?

Uhm ... well,  I'm  bad making top ten, is not that I haven't my favorites

I think are obvious, but with each book I have reviewed some part of they has remained in my heart.

They were the first books in this almost first year of my blog and I have learned many things thanks from them.

What I've learned ? Mainly English ! Thank you authors, have been my teachers in this small language arts .

I learned a basic English before , and now I have been increasing my vocabulary ,

I know I still missing, maybe I misspelled sometimes, but is  very nice to be improving thanks to you ,

I hope one day to see their books in Spanish in a bookstore :) I will say:

OH MY is here ! I'll take photo when pass!

This has also taught me more about the culture of other countries

,I have not only read American authors ,also from Canada , England, Australia !

Each with its magical stories, idioms , and a very fresh and natural way to tell a story.

Thanks authors for these wonderful trips inside of your books.

All authors of book blitz, of reviews and cover reveals: THANKS!!

for your support, your time and let me know your work. Always have an open post in this blog :).

I have also met some great bloggers! I learned a lot of them, some are hosts of the events

thanks to them for allowing me to participate in every event! and learn about the world of book blog!

To all who read my blog, you have signed up, which moved from step involved,

those who come, in Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook THANKS!  without you my readers, this blog  probably would not be here.

So Thank you for being the mechanics of my blog!!!!

2013 has been a year for me with many emotions, sad, happy, learning and with mistakes, What would be life without them?

I created this blog as a little experiment and has been growing slowly and hope to be here many years,

(April is my first anniversary!).

What to expect in 2014? many books! many adventures in them,

and some other changes and challenges!

Everyone is invited!

HAPPY 2014!!


P.S In Spanish: FELIZ 2014!!!!

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