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Tour: Review of Tick to the Tock by Matthew Turner

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Tick to the Tock

by Matthew Turner
Publication date: January 8th, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult


ticktockDante King is a young twenty something who discovers he’s dying. He won’t live to see his next birthday and time is ticking away to live life before it’s taken from him. With the help of his eccentric and wild-free friend, Wilbur Day, and stubbornly rational cousin, Ethan Knight, the three friends embark on a trip that takes them across Europe, Asia, Australia and beyond.Dante clings to his past though and the many regrets he has, yearning for acceptance and finally understanding faith. He’s only loved once, and when Daniella Adams comes back in to his life, the pair realise how in love they are – but must battle what they previously did to one another.

This is a heart pulling journey of amazing scenery and adventurous ways, but built on a life that is soon to end. It follows the love of Danii and Dante, finally realising how much they mean to each other but having it ripped away before their eyes. It’s about love and hardship between friends, family, and a dying son’s regret of not being better.

It’s a roller coaster ride of laughs and tears and making the most of life before it’s too late.





MatthewWhat would you do if you had three months to live? That’s what Dante King faces, the indecisive twenty-two-year-old who must finally learn to embrace life and love.

Tick to the Tock is a Contemporary New Adult Novel about Dante coming-of-age during turbulent times. A story inspired by love, but with the gritty realities of regret, missed opportunity, and understanding life’s meaning under dire circumstance. But a single mind isn’t affected on this journey, as an eclectic group comes to terms with the past, present, and what lies ahead.

Dante must confront and accept his fate, but can he let go of Danni: his lost love and kindred dreamer? With his rationally stubborn cousin, and eccentric best friend, Dante witnesses a life of dream and wonder: embarking across Europe, tackling Tibet, travelling Australia, and defeating each lifelong wish one-by-one.

Follow this coming-of-age roller coaster as four lives change forever. We’re only given one, but it’s never too late to understand faith, discover acceptance, and uncover the true meaning of love and happiness. Dante will die, but not before Danii, Ethan, Wilbur and he undertake an intense and heartfelt journey.

Smile… Cry… Ask yourself what you would do with three months left… Because Love & Living Begins Now.


My Review

Hello darkness, my old friend, I've come to talk with you again 
Because a vision softly creeping, Left its seeds while I was sleeping 
And the vision that was planted in my brain, Still remains 
Within the sound of silence  

-  The sounds of silence /Simon & Garfunkel

What would you do if you had three months to live? I do not know , is a simple answer, I know , but that yes I know is the world the  emotions that to feel , and that's part of why I loved this book.

This way out of that magic with a happy ending that people look down the road , but still has that magic called life, that makes you see in the eyes of the protagonist, Dante, those details of life that maybe you did not take time to repair , to plan, to know what to do if you stay short time of life and see that every decision you make at this time is linked to the love of those around you , and you are preparing in some way other way (or well, in any way something like listen to Mr George Harrison) prepare you consciously or unconsciously find peace with yourself and say thanks.

When I started reading the ARC provided for my honest review, I must say that entry I felt something hit my senses, my mat under my disappeared and I said : oh this is a known way but with many options to choose full many feelings, and your synopsis is focused very well that we can expect from the book, I am filled with many surprises and a very nice travel. Although I had to stop and breathe in some parts, in others had that excitement of knowing which was the fate of Dante, Ethan, and Wil Danni on your journey and in turn within the personal journey of Dante, and a touch that added  the author on this trip was put some songs at the beginning of each chapter.

It is a reading in which you're going to go smoothly, did not give me that feeling of wanting to finish quickly, but rather at a rate that could reflect my fears and think some moments, to see all the moods of each character around Dante and how they are evolving through. Dante I think at some point focuses very well in the  age that arises with the decisions taken, at age 23 you do not think you're gonna get through it, unlike your clock of life tells you one thing:  live, but the reality it marks another very different, and the decision of all, I think showed some great ways that you asking at some point of reading.

It was a refreshing feeling this book really was not ready and did not expect that I liked so much, If you like this type of genre and want something light but with a great surge of feelings to the surface of your skin I recommend it.




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  1. Glad you liked it, Alice! It sounds like a really good read!

  2. Yeah! Very much! Thank you for letting me read it and be part of the tour :)