viernes, 5 de julio de 2013

The name of my Blog is a combination Spiritual of music and more...

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What does the music to my madness of put a name to my blog?? Why name it so? Why this name to my spirit blogger? Well, it all started with my good friend who accompanied me in the transport, in my moments of boredom, or when you simply I want to relax: My Mp3Cat (yes, yes, my music player).


It all started when reviewing that soon I will have to put, some type of punctuation to a book, that soon I will have the pleasure to present . Then as I want to be a good host to that book, I said: How could I put my punctuation?? Many occupy stars, other hearts, moons or even a few of shots of coffee, (wao amazing, is not it?). That got me thinking me that can I wear?? Alice Oh wait, what's the name of the spirit of Blog? Is "All things in the Cloud Sweet"

All Things in the Cloud Sweet, personally I try to be subtle, with a feminine touch, that made me remember that there are a lot of things that I like and that could include inside of something, a space, and that something could reach many people. A sweet cloud that had all those things material, spiritual or curious.


At first I did not know how to put a name to my blog, it was difficult to name, had many ideas and none seemed to me appropriate.I decided to just leave, take the phonos and I listening a while my Mp3Cat, through by Sex Pistols, The Kills or Rolling Stones,I was lightening the load of what would be the name. When at a time something made clicked and begins to sound one of my favorite musicians to relax me mentally and spiritually, All things Must Pass was the next album, I wanted all those things together that sometimes I have in the head, sometimes I like and want to share at world, All Things ... few days after, look for something to rhyme at the end of the name or at least that it sounded good.So I started listening to All things Must Pass a good time, thenI wrote down on paper" All Things in the Cat" I finished filling underlining,I did not want a cat of so many things, "All Things House" .... no, actually sounded confused, again underlining .... and suddenly fall from the sky, a gray cloud did his, and began to rain.

I thought about that cloud two contrasting: white or gray; but always dropped water.It's relaxing listening to the rain. So I wrote All Things Cloud, Sweet is the feminine element that you wanted to, it was tender but strong in everything else:" All Things Cloud Sweet", four words that needed to be united with a few taps, officially creating:" All Things in the Cloud Sweet" . If I had not been listening to my playlist might not have gotten inspiration, and the name would have been something different, maybe would be telling another story, but at this time, the story is this, on this plane, time or space.


"All things in the Cloud Sweet", good, a new the dilemma, I find that I will have putting that magical meaning to as punctuation, maybe I have to play with the spirit and name of Blog, find an image that strengthen. Well I'll have to take my Mp3Cat and see if the music helps me in this new challenge. For now we'll find out until that day!


Allycat. I wish them a sweet nightmares and that a melody will draw a smile!

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