martes, 30 de julio de 2013

My SummerTime in July!

Hello, hello!

Summer Time! Ok, this weather is not my favorite, but it has been raining and I've enjoyed it so much that 2 times I arrived as "chicken soup" and I needed in really because I catching the flu (although I insist on the theory that the ice cream was an accomplice of the rain). Anyway, a doctor's visit, a few days off, and lemon tea with honey worked wonderfully.


At least the World War Z movie gave me hope in my moments before the flu that I would survive a zombie attack! Oh yeah! Ok, maybe not, but one can imagine. I liked the movie very good and landscapes zombielypse ( zombie + apocalypse) are so great!


After that I had to get used to the idea that it not could go as a good zombie infecting people and I take a few days off and recover. So , I spend watching movies at house, Tootsie of 1982 was first,I saw that classic film! Dustin Hoffman in a great role and although the film was made and filed before I was born, The movie handles a situation that can be taken now. If you have not seen it, Renting it or Buy it. Well Worth.


Another movie I saw was Volver of Pedro Almodóvar, this is my second movie I've seen from this director, the truth is that this tragic-comedy made me laugh, the scene in which the mother of the protagonists is on the luggage carrier car LOL!. It was my favorite scene.


A few days later I started to feel less zombie and more human ... And my schedule told me I had a scheduled trip bound for a book called Identified: The Maya Price Story by Faith A. Rice-Mills. It was quite interesting with relaxing touches, from another dimension and I enjoyed it very much. If you want to know more about this trip gives click here! And find out more about how was the stay.

Unfortunately I could not stay longer, but I followed all the activity of the Tour ( click here if you want to see who was behind this book) had to make another trip. Although I hope to come back soon and visit

Burdened: The Maya Price Story, Book 2.


My other trip was the book: The Witch Hunter by Nicole R. Taylor. Vampires, witches, who could ask for more?

 I really wanted to read it and was not disappointed. In fact, he waited to read the second part soon. And the third part that soon will be released. Oh yes, I am Team Aya and Zac! If you want to know the synopsis of this book gives click here.


 After these incredible journeys, I return to take a summer break, I visited the exhibition Visions of India, is beautiful but you have to take your time to see in detail some pieces on display. My favorite room of the exhibition was that of the story of Leyli y Majnun:The unfortunate lovers, has a sad ending but flashes some beauty and poetry of love.


For these last moments of July,Maybe, I listen to Coldplay in the playlist. I took a deep breath, and with a cup of tea, I give the welcome the next month, August.


PS: Thanks to All things in the cloud sweet, for teaching me many things about a blog, our first, three months give by initiates :). 

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