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US/ Can Book Blitz and Giveaway: "In Darkness We Must Abide: The Complete First Season" by Rhiannon Frater

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A Modern Horror with a Gothic Romance.

"In Darkness We Must Abide is a very unique 
experience for me as a horror writer" Rhiannon Frater

In Darkness We Must Abide , is a modern horror series including gothic romance where we meet to Armando and Vanora two imperfect beings with a common history. Vanora, albino girl, whom the world was not always friendly. Orphaned at a young age, she has been raised by his older brothers, inheriting a past full of complications..Armando is a Spanish vampire of 400 years old, with many many secrets. Both characters are heavily influenced by his feelings for the one as for the other, both good and bad, and causing their actions are affected equally.

The story begins with a Vanora of ten years of age, where his life changes forever when his brother brings home an evil that threatens not only their life, if not entire that of his family .Unos years later, a mysterious stranger Armando, enters his life, with many secrets that can negatively affect the lives of Vanora, to take in to the last episode heartbreaking and dramatic events.
Each episode begins prologue time "present" where an adult Vanora is interacting with Armando, then flashes backwards in time. Continuing with a terrible events happening in the present time period and hints that something passionate once happened between Armando and Vanora, though they now appear estranged.

What can we expect from Season 2?

Many strength, we will finally see the two timelines together in a dramatic scene terrifying. Armando's relationship and Vanora will remain the core of the story, as they face the ultimate evil that is coming to destroy their lives. By the end of season 2 , the readers certainly know where you are Armando and exactly what Vanora must fight against. Whether or not they will find true love in the arms of another and perhaps gradually come to a happy ending ...

Season 2 begins June 7, 2013!

Curious Facts

"At the end of last year, I stumbled across an old manuscript 
lurking in the badlands of my hard drive." Rhiannon Frater

* In Darkness We Must Abide, was the first original work of Rhiannon, the first draft was written in his old typewriter.

* Despite his lack of experience to the write the first time, Rhiannon, years later saw exactly the changes that needed his manuscript, In Darkness We Must Abide, to make it stronger reading.

* Earlier this year, began to play with the idea of ​​doing a series, She took his old manuscript more polished and turned one series.

*His intention to make a book in serial form was that each part of the reading was like a TV show in the reader's mind.

* Nervous of the think of the first readers, received good news, the critics were positive, and she described it with relief and amusement: "My story had officially risen from the grave".

Rhiannon: "I have enjoyed my serial experience so much. I’m already anticipating doing one next year! This time it will be a whole new writing project, but it was definitely worthwhile digging up In Darkness We Must Abide and sharing it with my readership."

Excepted from Episode 1

In Darkness We Must Abide

"I can definitely see how my love of Jane Eyre and other gothic 
romances influenced the relationship of  Armando and Vanora". Rhiannon Frater

With his presence still sizzling on her skin and his hazel eyes still haunting her thoughts, Vanora pondered the words that Armando had spoken in his silky Spanish accent.

You must go home, he had said.

Hugging herself, she gazed into the darkness surrounding her, wondering if Armando still lingered in the shadows observing her. That he had sought her out both thrilled and terrified her. When she had first seen him standing on the lighted path of her apartment complex, the mere sight of his enigmatic smile had set her heart aflutter. But now that he had slipped back into the darkness, her heart beat with fear.

Could she go back to Houston and face all she had run from? Could she forget the evils she had beheld on her eighteenth birthday? Could she just abandon the life she had meticulously created for herself over the last two years and return to the mansion that was haunted by death and pain?

You must go home.

Armando’s words echoed in her mind.

Vanora lifted a hand to brush away her white-blond hair and turned to face the dark waters of the swimming pool that glimmered in the moonlight.

To go home meant she would at last cast aside her trepidation and face the monsters of her nightmares. Was she strong enough to do so? Was she strong enough to go home and save the ones she loved?

With a surrendering sigh, she admitted to herself that it was time to return to her childhood home. It was difficult to concede, but her reluctance to return was partially because she feared allowing Armando into her life once more. Though the creatures that dwelled in the darkness were terrifying, it was Armando who surely frightened her.

Only he could truly steal away her heart and soul…

Alice Opnion:

It is a delight read a genre that you like me , always at midnight, and more read the long road that the author had to follow to finally your project on this day of celebration : finally got their hands officially on physical book, Rhiannon Frater, has its line , his writing style that will let you know it's her. Something new for me is the form a series in a book, definitely a good proposal. I definitely recommend it, can be purchased in ebook or physical Book, I hope one day that dream of Rhiannon Frater come soon to Spanish language (Spanish reminds me to Armando :) ) and to be read by more readers who speak this language (officially the language one I use)

Rhiannon Frater Happy day!!

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