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Time of Trick or treat, candies, horror stories, chocolate skulls and more |OtB! -- Horror October |



Autumn already arrived in my city !!!

I can smell it, feel it, see it and taste it.

October is the start of something magical, dark but sweet turn,

is the beginning of my favorite weather (sorry spring - summer !!).

How I can say that I feel the autumn around of me? Why I put that crazy title in this post? What is the Horror October?

Will I be able see a ghost in these days? Will I learn the art of making a sugar skull? Halloween Costume? ok, ok lots of questions!

These dates for me are the engine of my imagination, I feel that here is October because my city starts to take a cool climate,

taking a bit of a tone of cold but with a little warm time, in the markets, bakeries and candy stores will begin to see sugar  skulls,

there are flowers that have a characteristic scent of these days, nights involve the mystery traditions that live in my city.

The bakeries  begin to see something, a unusual bread for people who does not live by  this side of the world, but it certainly that attracts too.

Also you can see mummies, vampires, werewolves ... well ok, figurines, ornaments and costumes, events on something called Halloween, orange and black colors, purple and red are present, pumpkins with funny faces sometimes and somewhat demonic. Classic movies abound on television, in film began to see that come to scare with dolls, clowns and haunted houses.

The book stores are beginning to put together the books of the moment stories that may be our favorite, mystery and terror are the order of the day, classic vampires, vampires that sparkle, girls who have suffered from bullying, clowns with terrifying teeth, things aliens and houses without you hesitate on staying for one night, legends and stories that might be true or perhaps is the imagination of someone.

Fun and tradition, involving two things these days for me. I live in Mexico, and generally since I can remember I celebrated the day of the dead, but that does not mean I do not know the Halloween, is a holiday that we take it with a touch of fun before feasting days that for me might describe which are magical, mysterious and make you look somewhat the life after death somewhat different.

When I was on the computer looking you could do by this time, I came across an interesting blog: Oh, the Books! and started reading I had planned to do an event to help celebrate Halloween, or in my case Day of the Dead and Halloween.


The idea seemed interesting because it not only goes in the direction of the books, but it can range from series, movies, you plan to do on Halloween, no doubt a rain of magic things on blogs. I decided to take this trip starts from October 18 through October 31.

For these entries I will change topics, a few days will read about books, other days will read about stories I've heard or read, I will include Halloween stuff and will tell you what I usually do for Day of the Dead or something related to it, on TV series and if I find the most handsome black cat of the year! Yeah! adopt black cats ... always will give you good luck! (If you have a black cat, do not hesitate send me your photo!, And his name could appear in one of the post). I'll find a ghost in this city ??? Ok, I do not know! But it would be great!

Hey, this does not mean that the blog will change, will continue having books, is the main idea of ​​the blog so do not worry and enjoy the event! Follow him on twitter with the hashtag #OtBHorrorOctober or click on the image above and discover many ideas for these days!.

Trick or treat? Are you ready?

Happy start of ghosts, monsters and legends !!!



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