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Movie Time: The Red Shoes |OHtB! Horror October |



Hi !! I hope are preparing Halloween! for now I am ... studying ... ha ha ha, but I found some time to watch horror movies, listen to music somewhat macabre and discover that sometimes love can cause fear if you are heading in vain things or you can go crazy and lose the mind. That's why these three post goes dedicated to it, love when it becomes supernatural, is altered and hopelessly becomes a nightmare.

I started with a movie, I sincerely call attention to the title more than anything, as it is one of my favorite stories as far to fairytale stories are concerned, The Red Shoes.


Although apparently inspired by the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, "The Red Shoes" is clearly an adaptation rather strange shaped Korean horror film that I found wandering in a system of rents movies online.

Actually in this film, which was not what gave me more terror, the fact that someone picked up a pair of shoes on the street ... (or subway, trash, etc) or the girl who went out and made ​​up a wtf face ... or the fact that the film had good parts and the rest was something surreal that did not fit, but good synopsis is as follows:

Located in Seoul, the film follows Sun Jae, who, after catching her husband with another woman,she  moves with her ​​young daughter, Tae Soo to  a decrepit old apartment building. Struggling to settle in this new life, Sun Jae finds a strange pair of red shoes  on the subway, and decides to take them home. Unfortunately, the shoes are being cursed, and has a sinister power over all who come in contact with them, leading to deaths and expected disasters. Finally, Tae Soo's life hanging in the balance, Sun Jae and interior designer new boyfriend Cheol (Kim Sung Soo) desperately try to unravel the mystery of the shoes before it's too late.


I'll be honest, I do not think the tv screen or computer were poorly, or were they my eyes? I do not think so, but the whole movie, I saw those shoes in pink color ... if someone shoe expert tells me if that is a red, I would appreciate it ... because I would have preferred a deep red.

Following the film, there are interesting parts, very gore parts, creepy , there was a scene that I like, is that the protagonist trying to find the answer to the origin of evil of such shoes, starts falling snow blood , beautiful scene that could inspire more movies, and other scene is the story behind the shoes, envy.

Jealousy, betrayal and naivety of love surrounding this story, even though there are parts that made you to give unnecessary returns, if would be a remake , would be great and establishing a good foundation in history could take a great potential for terror. In addition to the story is also the story of Sun Jae and it's not just the fact that you find the damn shoes and she is a hopeless addicted to shoes (She have them in a glass case, each in their space), she also has a dark secret and her daughter could uncover the pandora box.

The interesting point is that a simple pair of shoes attached to an innocent love would lead to the envy of others, betrayal and unexpected end to a curse, cruel, and makes something so pure becomes so dark, is something very creepy. When someone dies tragically and joins a curse based on an object, they are very intense emotions and most of all are based on something broke the hearts of those persons or mental judgment of them, and something that we have seen in more movies and maybe in some other legend or horror story around us.

Love in this film may become dark, you get to take you to madness and want to wipe out anyone who hurts you reaching countless events that never stop, and this requires only an object of greed in way to achieve this.


If you're a fan of heart rate Asian horror films, this you liked, if you're not a fan but would like to see it I can say that in another part worth and more than the occasional scare might get you, but if you're a fan shoes, I guarantee you will learn a valuable lesson:

Never take a pair of shoes without asking permission before taking them.


After much debate I think the fact that the child want those shoes and transformed into that was what scared me more ...

P, S: be sure that your red shoes ARE NOT cursed, or you could dance to death.

If you know of a horror story based on this story send me an message ;)


Continue enjoying the  Horror October !!!!


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