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Tour Review with Giveaways of Finding What Is by Tabitha Vohn


Finding What Is 

by Tabitha Vohn

Publication date: September 29th 2013
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult



Willie has always lived an unconventional life. Surrounded by the sensual, ethereal images of her artist-mother, she fantasizes about the half-wolf, half-human, but all-gorgeous face that stares out at her from her mother’s wall, and drinks in her mother’s stories of past lovers and adventures. She shares her home with a man who calls himself “uncle” (who stalks her through the house, naked). Her closest friends are a band of misfits who’ve forged their own way in life-including Xavier, who has carved his name in her soul- and her heart is torn between him and a college professor, a fellow artist who wants more than a student-teacher relationship.

Willie stands on the brink of womanhood poised to follow in her mother’s footsteps, with a gleaming future as an artist looming before her, and a maturity beyond her years that has enabled her to be the protector and caretaker of others, a mender of wounds. But as a devastating illness rips her mother from her life, Willie is left bereft of a home and of a sense of self. Guided only by her instincts, Willie wanders from her Professor’s arms to the home that Xavier shares with his live-in girlfriend Nicole (who insists that they can “share”). Her path becomes a search for peace, for family, for a love that’s real, and for her place in this world.

Finding What Is chronicles the journey that we all must take-to find ourselves, to reconcile our past, and to get back to that place we once called home.





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Tabitha is a pen name. Her creator is a certified bookworm, thanks to the countless fairy tales, Bible stories, and nursery rhymes she was read as a child, and the Gothic, Romantic, and Contemporary novels she enjoys today. She has earned a B.A. in English and a M.A. in Teaching, and currently teaches high school English.On Writing, Tabitha says, “I strive to write the type of stories that I enjoy reading. Ones that question those blurred lines between love and lust, between good and evil. Ones that make us question human nature while simultaneously seeing the beauty in it as well.”


Hello!!  This day we have the review of Finding What Is by Tabitha Vohn

, is one of those books that caught my attention by its cover, it's beautiful.I wanted to find out that this girl had a light touch of paint and a direct gaze, looking for something, and that something was herself.

The story agrees very well with the cover, it's a story that I like by being a little more open. Explore finding a teenager about their place in this world, but that path is not easy. The situations that surround it are an exploration as I said, more open and different from my typical story we could find in books.

Although the book is quite long, I think it was worth taking the time to learn the story of Willie, a girl with a talent for the arts, but that life plays various cards to be cross with her and destiny .

From the beginning, the freedom of the author to take of issues on bullying, sexual harassment, love, relationships of open-minded by so to speak, self-examination and exploration of the world are something that stand out and what caught my attention immediately

Weaves the story in a delicate, detailed and deep line, which in some cases could be as real, but it is still a story, its exploration on issues the author does not hold back to the contrary, it is as if she like to highlight them and seek the balance for the reader to enjoy and learn from another perspective the growth and character of Willie.

Apart from the protagonist, we have more characters that stand for different emotional and personal conflicts that lead loading, and directly or indirectly affect the protagonist.

I liked the handling of the story of Willie between your mother and she shows us the why taste for the arts, my favorite character Xavier, the story surrounding it is something that will affect Willi but does so in this particular way to the level of Willie, which I loved.

I loved his writing is clear and direct, descriptive, and although its content can be open and clear, and may create a conflict in your feelings or your views. This could be one of its natural charms and could give much to talk about.

Recommended with tea and you favorite place to read.

My 4.5 stars



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  1. Great review, Alice! This sounds like a story with a lot of depth and meaning I would def. enjoy it as well!