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Review of Wind-Up Hearts by Stan Swanson

Wind-Up Hearts

by Stan Swanson

Published February 7th 2014

by Curiosity Quills Press


Summary of Goodreads:

If one’s heart is constructed of metal and considered indestructible, can love and romance still find a place within? That is the question facing Henry Thackery who spends over a hundred years pursuing the woman of his dreams—Emily Harding. After Henry and Emily become recipients of the Merganthol Circulatory Assistance Device, we follow their journey from 1875 to the present day and Henry’s unflinching quest to convince Emily (the love of his life) to become his bride. Will Henry be successful in his pursuit of love or will Emily ultimately “break” his indestructible heart? A tale of romance more than science fiction, Wind-Up Hearts will tug at the strings of your heart whether it be mechanical or flesh and blood.




How to express that a small book with a soulful history, has made the mechanics of my heart was  captivated by with Henry Thackery and Emily Harding, saying that I've added the book to my favorites of 2014.

Well, despite the fact that the story is short, which could be one of its charms is the perfect mix of feelings and moments where the reader goes what may or may not be love.

Henry and Emily Merganthol were became recipients of the Circulatory Assistance Device, in short have a mechanical heart, and the two begin to share moments together since 1875 and the present, and we as readers jump from one point to another of Henry's hand, either remembering or telling the present moment, about her feelings for Emily and how life takes care to show everyone what it means to live, giving their tastes, emotions and fears, your search and especially the reason that, although either a mechanical heart, your heart beats for her.

Why became my favorite? I get emotional, I am filled with sadness and tenderness at a time, in a few pages, I found a beautiful story, without the need for it to twist or constantly changing, was direct, clear and the way sad or  not, makes you think. This little beauties is one that you should keep in mind, and not let through. Maybe this review is small, but particularly I  don't would  like to fill it with spoilers, the charm of this book is discover it, let than some of his phrases make you laugh, sometime doubt, or in the time required to make you mourn.

How to enjoy this gem? Disgusted with a cake of your choice and a cappuccino.



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