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My day of Ghostgirl + Review of Ghostgirl Dia De Muertos

Hello!!! :D

I hope at this late October and early November You have had too much fun , a bag full of sweets and chocolates this with you as a great pirate loot  and somewhere one  sugarskulls  or chocolate . Indeed , sugar skulls / chocolate , I'm from Mèxico and Day of the Dead for me is like a national day , magic , where the past, present and future are linked in harmony , with joy and with sadness : bittersweet. With fruity aroma , incense and candles of hope illuminating the path , that path in the tradition of Day of Dead unites us with something even unexplained or not, the afterlife and our loved ones who died .

Photos , aroma, color , and with them a Party to the Day of Dead, in Mexico we had the surprise of the new book by Tonya Hurley Ghostgirl , entitled Dia de Muertos ( Day of the Dead ) , and thus his visit to this country . He had an autograph signing at a bookstore , so as other autograph signings to which she has given here , I attended , I must admit that my brother had infinite patience with me (ok, I was tortured in the row with Youtube videos, on than people used Xbox , Ipads and other gadgets like
target shooting to see your endurance. ) . We went to the bookstore to buy the book and decided to eat before : spagguetti .

At returning as a couple of people had formed , mostly girls , boys also , either with friends, family, the row began , and We  were give paper with a number on the row , I was the number 11 (by the way I have my ticket yet.)

We were formed on the stairs , Occasionally I went to see the books in the English section to looking titles with hard covers or who I had planned to buy. I  went to see where the line was , I also watching news about one of my favorite indie- authors Michelle Muto (actually I was sending  Tweets for her : P ) For almost the time I was drinking tea with a little mint and I was writing a review.

Time step, the row  was bigger and excitement among readers were felt . After a while  passed a woman with  post-it , to putting our name or any nickname that we wanted to put to our  dedicatory in the book.

At exactly 7:00 pm as planned, started the signing ; my brother helped me put my things in order ( believe me I am sometimes a disaster as far as bags are concerned) I accommodated my books , and Tonya Hurley was there!  and fans of the row that were already waiting . She was with her sister and some friends from the publisher that promoted her in this country .

When  finally my turn came , I was excited and a little nervous because it was the first time my brother left me alone speak English (ok, so, as You with Spanish  it happens that speaking is rare, so to me sometimes in English) . It went well ,It is very accessible Tonya Hurley , I welcomed it , I told him: How are you? and she responded very well and happy to come , she asked to me  how are you? and if the wait in row was a lot?.

When finally my turn came , I was excited and a little nervous because it was the first time my brother left me alone speak English (ok, so, as You with Spanish it happens that speaking is rare, so to me sometimes in English) . It went well ,It is very accessible Tonya Hurley , I welcomed it , I told him: How are you? and she responded very well and happy to come , she asked to me how are you? and if the wait in row was a lot?
I said fine and that the wait was worth it . She brought little details to his fans : posters of his other series The Blessed and some spacers . I said I could take if I wanted one or more , also the translator told me, and oh it was fun. Very accessible She was let her take a photo with me , I thanked her and with good will, I had to wait for my brother ending to help some guys to take pictures with Tonya Hurley .

[caption id="attachment_1473" align="aligncenter" width="604"] My book and pretty things. Ally - All things in the Cloud Sweet[/caption]


It was a fun day , of course, my brother and I, we miss a good friend. We will soon be a year since we met her in a signing in a row same for Tonya Hurley , My friend could not attend . But I hope you read this little story is dedicated to you, my dear friend :) .

Here I leave the synopsis and my little review :




Still we are connected to those we love and who love us and Charlotte lately feels as if something  will pull  towards Hawthorne and his former life. But now is not the usual homesickness. The responsible is Scarlet who has met to Matthias, an exchange student from Mexico , who has talked  on, the Day of the Dead celebration , the extraordinary tradition in which , during a single day , it is possible that the dead visit their love ones living.

And Scarlet and Damen will have to decide whether to change the Halloween for the Day of the Dead. Maybe that achieves Scarlet reunite with his best friend ... But summon the dead can have unexpected results . This new adventure of Charlotte and their friends bring to our adorable " Ghost girl " to Mexico during the Day of the Dead celebration .

But finding these windows between worlds is not always easy and circulate through them can have unexpected results . In this new adventure Charlotte learn to travel to a dimension that no longer belongs is very hard, all seem to have taken over the course of their lives without it - and traveling to a new country can generate endless misunderstandings , especially if treated with places, languages ​​and traditions that are not mastered at all.

However, Charlotte discovers a wonderful world that also makes him understand how his own existence - or nonexistence - can be filled with music, color and magic.


About Tonya Hurley:

New York Times bestselling ghostgirl author, Tonya Hurley, has credits spanning all platforms of teen entertainment. Her first novel, ghostgirl was an instant best-seller and has received starred reviews from the literary publications Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, VOYA and School Library Journal. Her second book in the series, ghostgirl: Homecoming, was released July 1, 2009. The ghostgirl audiobooks are narrated by Parker Posey with original music by Vince Clarke. The thrid book in the series, ghostgirl Lovesick was released on July 12, 2010. The first book in Tonya's upcoming trilogy THE BLESSED will be released by Simon & Schuster September 25, 2012. She is represented by William Morris Endeavor and is a member of Writers Guild of America.



If you know the series know who are the characters Principal, Charlotte Usher and his dear friend Scarlet will return to meet, thanks to one  the fine traditions of Mexico, the Day of the Dead. And they will have the help of a new character: Matias.

I think this very well written, being the author from United States and even though , She not lived or coexisted before with this tradition,She found the spirit of it.

Tonya wrote demonstrating the respect it has to this party and how something so beautiful can make us believe, see or what you want that our beings than are in the afterlife, they are with us and that for a few days, we can show our love and than even death can not break that bond of love.

I hope  soon out in the other countries can will read about this beautiful tradition, on the contrary, shows that Not is rival of Halloween. Instead, they can coexist in the same place,as mentioned in the book.

For my part I would like to see once as you celebrate Halloween, for me is a fun party. Here in Mexico is celebrated but is a Party for  the living, but for us both our dead and the living, Day of Dead  is our national holiday in these days.

I hope one day you, if you read the book, be encouraged to see more closely the tradition and also be a door for more writers come and known this country.

If you ask me which is what I like about this tradition: I do not know .. I like the pan de muerto (bread of the dead , is a bread traditional respective for this dates) with a cup hot chocolate, a good bitter chocolate skull, see bakeries with spanish bread in color pink. Put my altar with love and believe and feel that our loved ones return 48 hours to enjoy and see that we still remember them and that one day we will meet again....


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