sábado, 8 de junio de 2013

Alice in 8 days of June and the world turns, cats meow and the moon hypnotize me.

In a place on Earth, not far from the Moon, Alicia has been seeing pages; looking for recipes for cakes, movies go through the lens, taking a ticket to a journey with destination to a book, accompanied by good music, a donut stuffed with raspberry and coffee to the afternoon.

Here the top five things that have caught my attention:

1.-Donut stuffed with raspberry, the donut favorite of Alice, I usually buy one when I need to free my mind and enjoy the moment. The accompany with a Cappuccino always.

2. The music always gives you a tour of your feelings,by your memories, accompanying us every step.

This week accompanied me : The Rolling Stones,

Muse, Snow Patrol and

Enrique Bunbury.

3 Movies to pass the time, this spend me with "The Host", is not very good but not bad, I read the book and I think that it gives more context, at the end, the film becomes a bit "palomera" but I enjoy the movie.Some dialogs were funny...

4. In the search for a recipe to make a chocolate cake and a cheesecake. Does anyone know one? I accept suggestions! Now Alicia is discovering the culinary art of creating pastry. I know! Wish me luck.

5. - Ticket in the direction of magic and mysterious worlds, a book always gives you this opportunity, and with that I am reading, I enjoy it. It is a real discovery for me, since in general I read about vampires, ghosts and all sorts of things supernatural! Soon I will write the book :)

And you who have done in the 8 days of June?

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