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Courage that Counts by Elison Grace | Release Book Day |‏

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Firefighters and best friends, Dylan and Roy, face death on a daily basis. Now they face death personally when Roy is diagnosed with a terminal disease. Lana, a nurse, becomes the strength Dylan needs when everything is crashing down around him. Will he have the courage to push past the unknown? When the life he has known goes up in flames will the love of his life rise out of the ashes?

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Dropping her bags on the floor. Michelle stalks over to where I am sitting on the couch kicking my feet off of her coffee table. Leaning in she gets in my face. She is wearing that look that women get when you
have pushed them too far and they are going to snap. Shit what did I do? She starts jabbing her finger into my chest and screaming at me. “I can’t take it anymore. You made a stupid decision and it really pisses me off. Lana is the love of your life. I know it and so do you. You are choosing not to be with her. Don't you see how stupid that is? I didn't get a choice, Dylan. I have to face this world without the love of my life and it hurts like hell every day. It feels like part of my soul has been ripped from me. It really pisses me off that yours is right there in front of you but you're too stupid and pig headed to do anything about it. Get your ass off of my couch and go get her back!"

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The Author   

 I am a new author my debut novel is called Courage that Counts. I spend my time stalking cover models and blogging about amazing books that I have read. I love being emotionally shredded by a book and you can more often than not find me up late crying over a book. It was this love for books and some encouragement from Ashlee Taylor that drew me into this adventure of writing my own book.

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