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Tour Review and Giveaway: Promise me Light by Paige Weaver


Promise Me Light

(Promise Me #2)

 by Paige Weaver

 Release date: October 7, 2013

 Age Group: New Adult/Adult

 Genre: Contemporary and Suspense Romance

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Book Description:

The epic conclusion of New York Times bestselling book “Promise Me Darkness”

"I'm darkness, Maddie. Stay away from men like me. You'll only get hurt."

 At one time my life was simple. Easy. But that was before the war. Now I was no longer an average college student. I was a survivor. A woman living in a ravaged world. My future was not bright and my life was far from perfect. The war had taken so much from me… but it wasn’t finished yet. It wanted more.

 It wanted my heart. My soul. The one person I couldn’t live without.

 It wanted Ryder Delaney. My best friend. The bad boy. The one person who could fight like no other and love me like no one else. I watched him walk away one hot summer day and I prayed he would return. I needed him like I needed air to breathe and water to drink. Without him I was lost. A light without her darkness.

 Until he returns, I’ll wait for him. And I believe he will return because love is powerful…

 And so is the light calling him home.




Promise Me Series:


Promise Me Darkness 

(Promise Me #1)

by Paige Weaver

"He was my darkness and I was his light. We couldn't exist without each other."

For me, life was simple. I went to school and studied. I spent time with my friends and stayed out of trouble. I didn't drink or swear and I only dated gentlemen. I was the typical good girl with a bright future. My world seemed perfect. 

But that was about to change.

Ryder Delaney was the one imperfection in my life. He was the bad boy, the black sheep, the one your mother always warned you about. He had only one hard-and-fast rule - Don't fall in love. 

But some rules were meant to be broken.

We were best friends, inseparable since childhood despite our differences. I knew the real man hiding behind the tattoos and bad attitude. He knew all my secrets and dreams. But he didn't know there was one thing I wanted and couldn't have...him.

But sometimes Fate has a way of intervening. Soon our world collapsed. War erupted. Darkness prevailed. Alone and on the run, our only goal was to survive and to ignore the feelings we had for each other. But love is powerful...

and so is the darkness. bef2f-addtogoodreadsblack



paige weaverPaige Weaver’s first passion has always been reading. Many hours were spent getting lost in love stories and adventures. That turned into a love for writing at a young age. She wrote her first book when she was a teenager and hasn’t stopped since. Thanks to pressure from family and friends, she finally decided to take the leap and self-publish. Her first book ‘Promise Me Darkness’ became a New York Times and USA Today Best Seller within a month after being released.

A native Texan who still resides in the town where she was born, Paige lives with her husband and two children. When she's not writing or reading, you can find her chasing her kids around and living her very own happily ever-after story.




Promise Me Series

e-ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

My journey began with reading Promise Me Darkness , is in this book where we know part of the story of Maddie and Ryder , who since childhood have been best friends .

But over time , things changed between them but there was a feeling that has always been accompanying them , the love they feel for each other and never have confessed and that a turn will give you a change to the story: war.

The protagonists have their style and easy description , you can catch them from the first page, we have Maddie is innocent and very committed to his friends. She is going to nursing school and She is in love with Ryder but insecurity is your enemy. Male side we Ryder ... Tattoos , lives the life to the maximum, sexy and very protective of Maddie , but does not dare to confess his feelings for her .

A war is in this story , and at first will look like on TV, but is there still thinks that faith that there will be over soon and in the meantime when Ryder tells Maddie that he is enlisting in the Army , she will feel afraid of losing . And that's when they begin to show their interest for each other, but ... the war started and is closer to them ....

The book to the end you will gradually by hooking, and has a nice love story, but to know that more step leaves us with that connection to the next book Promise Me Light. For me this book was the change, rotation or consequences brought war in the history of Maddie and Ryder.

A disappearance and a change they do see that something happened with Ryder, one Maddie get to see that despite his fears evolved and matured in this release and a journey of hope and as its title indicates  promise me light.

You will find many changes in this book, a natural development and a very surprising way to end the story.

If you like love stories, current and twists, is perfect for you, it is very easy to read and I suggest you read both books, one after the other.

My stars for this books is  :) :

4 stars 


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