lunes, 2 de septiembre de 2013

Notice of the Blog, Bye Bye August ,I'll Just Say : Beautiful Changes!


August just gone, I look back and wow! I start to make changes to the blog!

August just gone. Goodbye August, What happen? Your August was? Something funny, sad, cancellous or joyful, any of these terms also told us goodbye, in my opinion, maybe my August was a little crazy with magical tendencies.

Well I spoke of updates on the blog, so we start: The first: the background and the logo, I like cats, (a crazy cat girl) and Japanese anime so I saw the picture and I loved it. The rest of it as a type "wallpaper", represents a bit of my taste for the antique, I never understood that taste, but is part of me, usually comes when I see works of painters, vinyl discs (LPs) or old houses (or buildings). And that's the meaning in general.

Another change is to add social networks, you can add me on Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, Pinterest,  also the section of the Facebook Page of the Blog, Bloglovin and also added "Contact to Allycat". Remember that you can subscribe using your e-mail to this blog also.

A image were you can find all of these changes:


Personally, I  read, I went to the cinema, I play Xbox, I listen to music,I take some photos.

On the blog with book covers, tours, and organize my time, I think in the end, not 100% but it is something.

Stuff August

Ally's favorite photo:


The Catrina in the  balcony, Museum Of the Estanquillo.

Xbox Game pending:

Books read:


Click in the images and go to Goodreads

Music discovered:

September, What to expect?

I have news, covers, book tours, and You know stuff of the books ! Well on September 15-16 I will walk busy "cooking" <- quoted by the fact that I give moral support to the one who cooks,, it I is gives more I be the person who eats :-D!

In my country, celebrations are done, you know, something patriotic, do not give me much or well, not is my favorite date but are days to stay with the family, eat and rest, and be playing the Xbox ... or read a book, even I do not define it.

In this month also will be present one of my favorite indie authors: Michelle Muto! If she is chosen to be the Indie-Credible Author of My page and thus their books. So tuned!!

From my part that's all! Happy September! Oh! Yes ... It is less time for the Day of the Dead!! (<- Favorite date of allycat)

Ok We read soon!


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