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The Devil’s Gate (The Devil’s Gate Trilogy, #1) by Rue Volley | Book Tour - Review - Giveaway |

The Devil’s Gate 

(The Devil’s Gate Trilogy, #1) 

by Rue Volley 

Publication date: April 11th 2015
Genres: Erotica, Mystery, Romance


Curiosity can be a dangerous thing. In Abigail Watson’s case, it nearly ended her life.

After a brush with death, Abigail is reminded of just how short life can be…then she meets Jack Landon, the mysterious heir to the Landon fortune and her savior from a certain death. Jack’s needs are very defined, and his ability to seduce with ease draws Abigail into his dark world. One taste of him on her lips and she is consumed with a desire, a willingness to submit and let him take the gift that she has protected for so long.




Intoxicating, dark and delicious.

It is as I describe in 3 words this book. It is the first time I read something written by Rue Volley, and impressed with the sexy camido I take this reading.

The Devil's Gate is a book where we have two strong players, where love and hate go hand in hand; and wherein if curiosity can be dangerous, it can also be the ticket to a dark world that we already know, but with the right amount of style of writing keeps us on this trip.

Unlike other stories, this definitely has you in suspense, perhaps at points tends to be a little loose, but the author manages to take it up with great precision, leaving us at that time eager to continue reading.

Abigail is the typical girl who is literally innocent, very innocent, but with a ticket in hand with wanting to discover the world, but maybe this will get hit with circumstances beyond the ordinary. O what a girl like her would expect to have.

Jack, add to its list of hot guys pulled out of a book, dark, particular tastes, primarily dominant but with a more forward side. Perhaps you have read all of it with that description, but if we add secrets, ex something more on the way and a temper that could break at any moment. You have my word that you added to the list with outstanding grades.

This pair together are an explosion of dark colors, and if you maybe something to do with dark shadows makes them a difference, that protrudes more, there is no comparison. When I read the synopsis I thought oh, another book of this kind... but I'm curious .... and ...

I'm glad to have the same curiosity of Abbie, the story is own of the author, his ability to create a world with everything we've been bombarded about the erotic issue and BMSM, shine with an A +

I hope to read the second part, I hope this is exceeded itself, we need more, and so, say in the future: 
Rue Volley Oh, you've done it!

My notes:

5 A+ 



Rue Volley resides on Earth with her husband, Von Erik, and their two pug sons, Momo and Oshi. She is an award-winning author, graphic artist, and screenwriter. She is also the Creative/Marketing Director for Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing, and co-owner of Lovebites Production Company, which specializes in Dark Fantasy Films.

Rue released her first film, Hellhound, in November of 2014 and her second film, Awakening, in July 2015.
Keep up with Rue on IMDb smarturl.it/RueVolleyIMDb

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  1. Great review, Alice! This sounds like a great read and I love the dark tone it seems to have, too! Glad you liked it! :)

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